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Friday, February 19, 2010

Weigh in today....

So I was down 2.8 lbs or something like that. So crazy because I weighed myself yesterday and I was at 265 and now at 262. I did not believe it so I weighed myself multiple times and I also weighed after my shower. I said I will take that.. LOL.. Yeah happy dance happy dance..

I also have to say I love I got my weight started and added my losses and it was so cool to see I had surgery 79 days ago, that I am 31% to my goal weight and does a graph as well for a visual.. It also calculates your BMI I am down 5 points. YEah for me. You can also track your meals and everything on there so if you have not done so yet check it our...

I am also in a better mood today I whipped up a quilted bag for my friends birthday present and a navajo print afghan. Her mother taught me this stitch and she has been bugging me forever to make her one. Crystal is also like a sister to me. One day when I want to get into my past which I will one day your will learn how we have become so close. She is actually the one who co-signed so I could get this surgery.. I love her so much.. It is just a lap throw. I only push out a bigger blanket every once in awhile. I try to make all the new babies a blanket. I go through spurts of either beading, sewing, crocheting, or reading. When I get hooked I get really hooked.. I have not beaded in a long time so time to get back into that.. I am also working on another blanket for a friend who is going to have a baby this spring. I get picky about the colours and if I do not like it I can not handle working on it.. LOL.. I am not a pro by any means just hobbies I want to learn how to quilt better. I can do a basic quilt with squares but that is all. I so want to get creative with quilts.

So also I want to say today that I can not wait to be down 40 lbs I will do some more after pics on that day. only 4 lbs away.. I can do it..

Hope everyone is having a fabulous friday.. Crystal will be here soon...

PS I just had another friend call and want to know if I wanted 10 free tickets to the cross country skiing at whistler next sunday.. I can not believe how lucky I am to have friends like this... Now I have to figure out if it will work for us.. HMMMMM


  1. Hi Michelle, thanks for your nice comments on my blog!

    OMG tickets to watch the cross country, so jealous! I would love to see any of it! I hope you can make it.

    Yu are doing great so far! I look forward to following your journey!

  2. PS gorgeous blanket and bag!

  3. Hi Michelle...

    First of all, thanks for sharing that stuff about I've been there, but I really didn't get it. I guess I need to take another look?

    I would give my eye-teeth for those Olympic tickets to ANY event!!! I'm so bummed I'm not in my own country & province for such a momentous event! :( I sure hope you have opportunity to take your friend up on them. Once in a lifetime, girl!

    And, I don't know when you were banded, but WAY TO GO!!! :) I'm hoping to get mine by end of April. Just getting near the end of my 6 month insurance requirements; then we'll see if I'm approved.

    I saw you're following my other blog (Canadian Bird). I do have a separate band-blog b/c I haven't told many people yet about my decision. My band blog is Band on the Run (click on it).
    You'll see I'm duplicating some posts b/c I barely have time to post to one blog! LOL
    I'm just keeping any banding facts/lingo out of my personal everyday blog.
    So, check out my band blog. Thanks for following me regardless!!! :)


  4. Hi Michelle,

    Great job on the bag, and I love the blanket! Is it crocheted or what? It looks so neat.