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Thursday, May 6, 2010

.70 unfil

My goodness I feel good. I can eat solids without it feeling like there is razor blades going down my stomach. I can also over eat which is not good. So I am back to counting calories. But dang it feels good to not hurt. So I will go in, in two weeks for a bit of a fill again. I am going to go at this slow. The surgeon feels my stomach and stoma is very sensitive. So I hope I will do good at 5 ccs.

On the personal front in the above picture is our new baby.. We finally got ourselves a land barge on wheels. It is huge and awesome. The six kids love it. It is a Yukon Denali XL. It is previously loved but looks and feels brand new.. We love it..

Not much else new.. Just living and loving.. Had to use up our savings for the new vehicle so this summer will be boring as we have to rebuild that up..

Time to catch up on all of you...


  1. Glad that you're feeling a bit better! Nice wheels!

  2. Nothing worse than being overfilled - good thing you got some out. Love your car too - very pretty!

  3. Hope you get some nutrition in now that you had some fluid out. I am finding more bloggers having to get an unfill or trying to work with a really tight band. I know the feeling of razor blades when swallowing. I was sobbing in late March when I got to my doctor's office for an unfill-in fact I wanted him to rip me open and take out the F'ing band. Much better now that I love my band again. Nice Wheels.

  4. Nice wheels baby!
    So you had an unfill...

    I was surprised he put me up to 6cc's. I told him that I wouldn't be able to go in until the end of June or beginning of July cause we are going to Toronto for two weeks.

    I get so panicky when its time to eat dinner especially my mil's! So much pressure and sometimes I feel they are watching me. I just need to avoid the denser meats! Tonight she is making prime rib and is so excited about it. CRAP!

    Hoping this works! My weight loss hasn't been super fast..

    Have an amazing weekend and enjoy this gorgeous weather!

  5. My stomach and stoma are sensitive to fills too! What a world! Hope this works out for ya!

  6. sometimes a little unfill is necessary. Glad you feel better!