Small Goal

My accomplishments with the mean old scale....

Friday, May 7, 2010


So my band since the .7 unfil is very happy.. I can eat again. But dang I can eat everything. I am cutting myself off. I kind of expect to gain back some weight before I get another fill.. I emailed my nurse tonight so hopefully know on monday when I can go back in. OUr office only does fills every 2 weeks.. SO I will tough it out old school way.

My toe is still slowly healing. I just want to get back at it. For exercise tonight I jumped on my bike and wow 2 weeks of taking it easy sure makes a difference so I will be getting back on that more often. I am also going to start back hiking on monday. I have to I feel like I am getting so far behind.

I was basically living on liquids for so long being as tight as I was and now that I can eat solids I feel like I am fat. What a bad mentality. Will see how that goes after a week of this. But dang I am loving that I can eat again.

I am really wanting to be down another 47 lbs by December. I have to do. I want to do. It has to happen. But this can not happen if I am not exercising (toe) and if I do not get my friend restriction back..

There is other stressful things going on in my life but can not post until things are for sure. So I will just hope and pray that all works out.

Have a great weekend everyone. Hope it all goes great for you...


  1. One step at a time my friend! You will get there. Stay STRONG!

  2. Your body needs some proper nourishment after being on liquids for so long, be kind to yourself.
    Have lots of protein to help that toe heal x