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Friday, June 11, 2010

Bad Bandster Bad

Where is everyone.. Where have I been. I have been lost for a few weeks. I guess things had to get worse before they got better.. I have been eating chips, cookies, chocolate and Ice cream except for the past 2 days i have gotten better. I am back to watching what I eat. I was suppose to have a fill but we had my hubbies aunts funeral and were at that all week so I was eating way out in left field for that one.. But I am back. Things are mellowing out. I did not lose but did not gain. I go for a fill on wednesday and then have a candle party in Merritt then a family reunion so will not be able to pig out at that as I will be on mushies and liquids then..

We have a place I sign papers tomorrow, it is small but it is a place and that is all that matters at this point. It is less then half of what we were paying here a month so that is good.. It will all fall into place just the waiting for it is the hard part..

PS how is everyone else doing????


  1. Good to hear from you. I was on vacation last Thursday through Sunday and felt totally lost with what was going on with everybody on blogger. I think I've finally gotten my groove back. Also, waiting patiently for my auth.

  2. Going good, chickadee..thanks for asking. I, like you, have been hitting the rubbish food. Whats with that. Must be time to reign myself in like you. Well done.

  3. Great to hear from you...keep up the good work under all this pressure

  4. Stress can really affect my eating too and you have a lot going (no excuses, but it happens). Glad you found a new place - I can't imagine moving with all your kids, you must be organized.

  5. Congrats on the new place! You will be busy packing and unpacking...making the place home!

    Happy weekend!

  6. Hey Michelle, Congrats on a new place.

    I too have had a 'slider weekend'. We had a long weekend here in Oz, and I got my head in the wrong place, don't know why but I was solemn. My rubbish food was exquisite cheese, potato chips, chocolate and red wine. Even though I bought an elliptical, I didn't go near it all weekend either.
    I'm going to wake up in the morning, and be on duty, and try to work off the damage.
    Good luck with everything Michelle!