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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Getting back to it

So I am really trying to focus on getting back at. I was toooo tight for a long time.. I got into the habit of drinking things. Anything that would stay down.. I am now trying to get into eating solids again.. So lunch was bbq chicken breast and wanted salad but it was wilted so had a tablespoon of stuffing. Supper was rotini with chicken pasta sauce loaded with veggies... it was good also had some salad with it.. I need to get back into slowly eating and chewing my food.. I also need to get back into exercising now that the move has died down. So another words need to get back into the swing of things.. I have not gained I continue to lose it maybe slow but it will pick up... I will be going down on tuesday to look into a personal trainer at the local community centre and see what else is swinging in this little town...

Lots of forest fires here in BC. It is kind of crazy... Well I am waiting for my hubby to bring me a zero ice tea. It will be yummy. I kind of get bored of water when I drink so much of it..

Slowly getting back into commenting on everyones posts. It will be good to back in the swing of things in all aspects of my life..


  1. August is the month for it I am getting back into it too after being too tight for a month then taking a month to recover! New month new beginnings !! Good luck lady right with ya x

  2. TAG - you are it Ms.Versatile!

  3. Now that I'm 3 weeks out, I need to start working the band. I can eat pretty much anything at this point and since I don't have any restriction, need to rely on willpower. Also need to start getting in exercise. August is going to be my month too!

  4. It's hard to ease back to solids if you've been too tight, but you know how to do it.