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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I got a fill

I went into the clinic yesterday and reieved a 1.5 cc fill. THis brings me up to a total of 3 ccs. What I was after surgery... I cannot wait to get in in a month for another fill. I gained 3 lbs since my last visit over a month and half ago.. I feel slightly depressed but it will come off.

We are moved into our beautiful house. I love it sooo much.. Sounds like we may have a crabby neighbor or a nit picking one maybe the key.. But oh well. We own this house we are not renting so he is going to have to get use to a family of 8 moving in..

Other news I got myself a pick me up truck. I was getting nevous in my little car flying back and fourth on the highway with all the dear and rocks on the road. I am feeling a bit safer now. I did add a picture but it is teensey wiensy... LOL..

Spring has sprung here and it is soooo beautiful and sunny. Hope everyone has a great long weekend and go Canucks go...

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