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My accomplishments with the mean old scale....

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am back to losing

Yeah I was down 3 lbs since my last fill. I am soooo happy it is moving again in the right direction. THey added .5 cc but found i actually had 4 in there so I am up to 4.5 ccs. I am getting back to the spot that I was losing good at.. SO that makes me happy. As a precaution I am not rushing my band and am taking it very slow. 3 days of liquids and 2 days of mushies before I start anything solid.

Anywhooo just had to share my good news.. I am pretty happy about it...


  1. Yes! Good luck, and congrats on your GREAT loss! Hang in there, it is so tricky to get things right.

  2. Brilliant news! Keep up the good work