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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day two of my liquid diet

Well I am officially on my way the flight has started and no turning back.. I have almost finished my second day of gross shakes.. What I am on is three protein shakes a day. The brand is meditrim. It is nasty.. I make them and chug no breathing well they are going down. Then I take a big drink of water and through a piece of juicy fruit in my mouth... I also have protein bars that i have cut into four. When my blood sugars drop like they like to do I savor one piece. I am also allowed in this phase 2 cups of veggies. I have never loved veggies so much.. I am also allowed balsmic vinegar to dress the veggies... I love the vinegar.. This means only 12 more days until my surgery... I am excited but also very nervous... I have been reading a lot of lapbanders blogs and really believe this is going to work for me.. The big thing to remember that this is just a tool to help me achieve my weight loss goals..

PS this is a picture of me with my awesome siblings at my grandma's funeral. That is my gramps...

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