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Friday, November 20, 2009

Day three and only 11 days to go:::

Well today I feel week and have an upset tummy... My supportive hubby Len who stepped on the scale last night has gained 30 lbs somewhere... So he went out today and bought some shakes to be supportive and to get on track with his weight as well... I LOVE MY HUBBY....

I had Len take a couple before pictures for me and will attempt to get those on here... So the pictures made it on here.. Yeah..

On another note our big dog Zoey who had $2500.00 worth of surgery herself got sick today.. Kind of stressed about that, but good old grandma Ginny put her on a yogurt and steak diet for a couple of days with a little bit of her food. I hope this is not something serious.. UGGG...

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  1. Hi - new to following your blog. Just wanted to let you know that I was on a pre-op diet very similar to yours and day 3 was the toughest. I felt weak and sick. But after I hit that wall, it got so much easier. You can do this!! Hang in there and keep blogging. I find it to be so helpful!