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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hmmm Feelings

Not sure how to describe how I am feeling.. I am feeling kind of teary eyed.. I am just really sad. Not sure why the little things are getting me upset. I should be feeling great. It is great weather out there sun is shining ankle is starting to feel a lot better. I guess I just start feeling lonely. My hubby has to work out of town for a couple days and one of our family members is coming over here for the weekend which has been planned for over a month and he won't even be here. To top it off pay was not in the account to today so just sitting at home when I was wanting to run out of town. Oh well let it go. Like my aunt says and this too shall pass... ALso my hubby made an excellent breaky but I got a piece of toast stuck and you know what happened. So I am sitting here all sore and feeling sorry for myself... Just doesn't help that I was already teary eyed. So I am hoping that when Crystal gets here I can focus on getting out of the blues. Possibly get her out walking as well.. I need to get started on the workouts that my trainer left with me.

I am needing some advice on who makes a good scale. Mine fluctuates so much. I can weigh myself 3 times in a row and each time if comes out with a different weight. I want to stick to the low weight it showed which means I would be down another 1.5 lbs or something. I will take that if it is true... LOL.. Oh I got a giggle so a step in the right direction..

I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago but have one ovary left so I know that I get some of the symptoms of PMS and am kind of wondering if that is what is going on right now... Anyways hope my weight shows the same loss tomorrow because it is crazy how one day it shows a loss and the next day a 2 lb gain..

I also want to thank everyone who is following and I love the comments I get most of my support on here. I have kind of left Lapband talk and have been addicted to blogger. So thank you everyone..


  1. If you want to cheer up, just look at that picture from your last post. How cute are they?!!!

  2. So sorry you're feeling down! Hopefully it will pass.
    I got a Weight Watcher scale at Costco lats year and it's been very accurate.

  3. You are looking great! Just get up and shake it off. I know...easier said than done!

    Question: What happens when you are stuck and how do you "take care" of it??