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Monday, February 22, 2010


Ok ok so I did pretty good with food today. I did have one slip up... There were leftover chips and I had about a hundred calories of those... OOOPS... I am still within my calories so no worries there. I read a fellow bloggers blog and brought up some old memories. Makes me realize I still have a lot of emotional work I need to do for myself.

Today I went for a bike ride.. YEs my big butt sat on that little seat... Can't say I went miles and miles.. Remember little steps. I went about a km.. I have a cheap bike that when I sit on it the tire goes flat, so my hubby and I are looking at new bikes. A bike called Giant. It is going to be a bit more money but I feel like I deserve it. My hubby got all the kids bikes up and running so once we have bikes we will be riding together. And yes I was sore in the quads lol. My poor thighs were burning.. Little steps or little pedals.. LOL...

The weather has been so awesome here. Full bright sun warm. I am loving it... Can't wait for my ankle to finish healing. So I can get a bit more active out there in the weather. I also need to start up my workout that my trainer left for me. I actually took a picture of my nice ankle. I might post it. It has changed a nice purple color.. Yup my worst ankle wound. LOL...

And as you all know US wooped our Canadian butt. Until the next match.. LOL

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