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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sassy Red Runners

Well I bought myself some sassy red runners. They are asics my favorite brand. I have been buying them for about 4 years now. I inquired about what fit I should get because I walk on the outside of my foot hence easily sprained ankles especially on uneven ground.. I was told that is a rare problem 47% of people walk on the inside of there foot. So he suggested a nuetral show.. I love asics because when you put them on they do not feel like you are breaking in a new shoe. I also have other probs with my feet. I have a seriously high arch with a wide foot. Makes it hard to find shoes that fit. I have no dressy shoes for dresses I wear a lot of runners or flip flops... It sucks. Apparently I got this from my grandma..

I also bought my hubby a Canada team jersey. GO Canada playing against US tonight. Sorry I will be cheering for Canada tonight...

On band news my sister Crystal has been here all weekend and lets just say I will be really watching what I eat after she leaves. We made Cheese cake and angel food cake. I have to admit I have been snacking. Hence why I do not usually have this food in the house. To easy to eat. LOL ... My hubby also made his awesome steaks and double bake potatoes. I am full... It was good. I am not going to feel guilty about it because on the most part I eat really well...

Anyways hope everyone had an awesome weekend off..

Work to be completed before we leave this week extend the dog pen and clean up all the firewood.



  1. Hey Michelle.. you are really doing well with your weight loss.. you have to live your life too.. so a little indulge here and there.. its OK.
    Good Luck to Team Canada tonight.. I am a die hard hockey fan.. so it should be a great match...

  2. No need to feel bad at all! Congrats on the new shoes - Asics are my favorite too.

    I will be rooting for US tonight - fun to watch!

  3. If you can't splurge when your sister is in town, when can you? I'm sure you'll be back on track now. You're doing so well.

  4. Hoping the red shoes keep your spirits up after our loss to Team USA last night. Oh well, maybe a rematch later in the week where Team Canada can show their true colours.

  5. Yes what a sad game for Canada. Lol. Oh well they will kick it up another notch. Now I know why I don't watch hovkey to nerve racking. Lol.