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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Note to self me and exercise just do not get along. I need to beat exercises butt... SO here is the story.. I bought Jillian Michaels wii game and tried it out finally today. Well I got about 15 mins in and the last exercise I was on my foot was only half on the fit board and I fell twisting my ankle. OUCH and a few choice slang words popped out of my mouth.. At first I thought it was more then a sprain and was almost going to have one of my kiddies call my hubby to come take me to the doctor. I managed to get to the couch and sit for a few minutes and test it out. I can move it in all directions. It hurts mostly in one directions I am sure it is just a sprain but man is it starting to swell.. By the way Jillian makes you work on that game. KInd of cool.. I might have to go back to the biggest-loser workout though cause I don't want to break my ankle. I need to get a bit stronger first lol.... What luck my first day with my personal trainer I tripped on a ball and sprained my wrist. Is this a sign stick to just walking... LOL.. Once this is healed now I will go back to pilaties for dummies and another video I have. Trying hard to get motivated.. It is springtime pretty much so I want to start to be able to start going for the long walks with my kids and puppies..

ALso I got a new blender from costco on friday because on friday I broke my blender. I had some frozen fruit in there that got stuck so I was trying to help it move through the blender the blades caught the spoon and shattered the glass jug. I Just got a plain one and think I am going to put some monies together and just get the vita mix blender that I have been dreaming about. Especially since I have a protein shake a day.... It is not like it would just sit there and look pretty on my counter.. SO note to self and everyone else blenders and spoons do not mix...

Tonight for valentines my hubby is bringing home a ham and we will have ham, scallop potatoes and veggies.. I will see how that goes down. Still having issues with finding foods that don't feel like they are going to get stuck.. I am working on smaller bits and chewing more.. I hope to go for a third fill beginning of March..

Yeah I have a few new supportive bandersters following my blog. I am happy about that any comments or suggestions from anyone will help.

So anyways here I sit on my couch with my ankle up with some ice. Think I will go have a warm bath and soak it.



  1. I just wanted to say Hi, and that I am now a follower. Congrats on your great progress! Walking works for me too. I started with a mile a day and now I am up to 5 miles a day. I figure I have had a lot of practice walking over the years so I can't F it up. Plus my quads are hard as rocks!

  2. That is awesome. Thanks for any support you can give. I need it lol...

  3. Oh be careful! I've been wondering about the extra Wii fit games. I think while you're still ramping up on exercise - stick with what you know. I like the Biggest Loser DVD's - I do the yoga a lot.
    I hope your ankle feels better!

  4. Ouch, hope your ankle heals quickly. Enjoy your valentines day dinner.

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