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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A good visit

So everyone this is my uncle with all of my lovely little kiddies. He was here on the weekend and we had a good and quiet weekend.. Aren't all my kiddies so cute..
Sites on my trip to Lytton... Spring must be in the air. This is some of the dear standing on the road. I also saw a lot of Robins. Love when I see them. Means spring is here..
Some mountain sheep saw quite a few on the way there and on the way back.. No new babies yet but I am sure in a few weeks or so they will be making their appearance...
This is Seton Lake at Lillooet. I wish my phone picked up the colour of it today. It was beautiful..
I also won at bingo. Enough to pay for my gas, food and my bingo cards. So basically I got a free trip. I so love and miss my friends over there. We always have a great time. Laughing and carrying on. I also got to go to my old office. I miss working. I was kind of sad about not working there anymore. I think when I look closure I know what I am missing. I feel like I do not have a me space. For example my hubby has his job, coworkers, and they are like a family. I am home waiting for my hubby and kids. It is sad I do not want to work but feel like I do not have a me space.. Anyone get that. I do get a little jealous about the life my hubby has away from the house. I miss mine so when I get some time with my friends and past co workers it feels so good, but when I leave it reminds me of what I am not a part of.. Anyways... Again hope you all have a great night. I am going to bed early...


  1. WOW .. thats all I can say to that view. Outstanding. Good one you for you bingo win too! Go treat yourself :)

  2. I understand completely about the "me space". I felt that also when I left my job of 23 years! I was floundering for 2 years before I found my true calling....real estate! I love it because I have my "me space" but I also have the flexibility I need!

    Great pics and yay you for winning at bingo!

  3. I stayed home for a while when the kids were smaller and I love it, but I also hated it. I hated that he got to go to the bathroom in peace! Its hard being a stay-at-home mom. I realize with a large family space is probably limited, but can you carve out an area in the house for yourself? Mine is the closet. I do all of my cardmaking and scrapbooking in there.

    PS> Love the photo of the lake and family-gorgeous!

  4. I love Seton Lake!! Whenever I am through that way (which is not that often at all),I always make a point of stopping there for pictures. The color is unreal!