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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Goody two shoes

So I guess there is worse things to be called hey. LOL.. I have a friend who has been getting called a goody two shoes like it is a bad thing. So for my facebook comment I stated, "what are people getting at when they say a person is a goody two shoes. Does that mean that I do not use drugs or alcohol to cope with life stressors, that I try to lead a healthy life, that my extra time is spent with my husband and family rather then a bar, that I have a plan on how I want to see my future unfold, that my kids get all the love attention and stability they deserve. If that is a goody two shoes then I will take it.. LOL.. This same person called my hubby and I one as well back in August.. It really makes me wonder what this person thinks of themselves to be hard on people that are happy not drinking and partying.. So does that mean it is cool to be a total badass.

I am not saying that drinking is bad but yeah this person does have issues with substance abuse and think it is kind of ironic that it is bad to be a goody two shoes.. LOL.. Crazy...

Well people had a long day and got corn nuts stuck and then could not eat supper so I am off to go and get a milk shake... Bad yes but oh well. Tomorrow is another day.. Have a great night everyone...

Tomorrow is weigh in. WIll see what that meany says tomorrow.. LOL

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  1. I totally understand where you are coming from. My husband's cousin came to stay with us for a couple of months and it really showed us how much we've grown up in the last few years. We don't drink more than a couple glasses of wine at a time (and none for me at all these days) and we don't stay up late and party till dawn. He tried to make us feel bad about our choices but we quickly realized that we had nothing to feel bad about!!