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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Help delema

So I bought a new scale a ww one with the body mass and stuff on there. My hug problem is there is a 2.8 lbs difference or something like that on there. It weighs me 2.8 lbs heavier.. So what do I do because my old scale is what I used when I started out in November so do I just add to my start weigh because there is not a chance in haney I am going back to 39 lbs gone. I hit my 40 goal and I am moving on..... HMMMMM what did others do so as not to break the balance there... Help LOL, I think I know what I am going to do but is that right?????

My appointment was yesterday had the girls squished like pancakes. It does not hurt I just feel uncomfortable standing there exposed waist up for like 20 minutes. What do you do hold them cover them or what??? I covered them with my arm... I was kind of upset because I was suppose to have an ultrasound as well but my doctors office did not put that on the form so now I have to go in on monday and find out why???? I hate that it will probably be another week for me to get this done and that it upsets me because I am hoping that where the lump is the ultrasound picked it up and if it does not then what.

I was sitting on the long ride home last night and I was thinking I feel like I am so scared of getting breast cancer and whenever something like this happens I get so panicky and anxious. I got maybe 4 hours sleep last night and I am jumpy. I do not want to live like this. I put in an application a few years ago to have the genetic testing and they said I am not an option for the program because my mom is the only one in her family with breast cancer. THat bugs me because when ever I get asked how old my mom was and tell them when she passed they are all panicky about. So I feel like I live in a bit of fear about the whole thing.

On another note my gramps is doing ok. He has dementia besides just breaking his hip. He is on some strong meds and does not understand what is going on. Apparently he has been asking for his mom. I remember when my other grandma had oldtimers disease she reverted back to a two year old and all she did was rock her teddy bear back and forth.. So sad. So not sure how to feel about my gramps. I watched my mom suffer and just hate to know that he is suffering.

Also my uncle is here for the weekend so we will be off to whistler today to check out what is going on with the Paralympics. My kiddies all get to go to one of the events so they should have some fun.. The school is taking them. That is so cool.. Something they will remember forever.

I also feel like my schedule is so full this next week. I have to bring my uncle back to langley tomorrow, monday eye appointment back in my hubbies hometown. It is a long drive but I liek going to them. I also have on tuesday is a bannock back off at my hubbies office, bingo in lytton a couple hour drive so that I can go visit with some of my dear friends.. Oh well.

I will be posting my 41.4 lbs lost pictures tonight with my new haircut.... Have a great saturday everyone.. I am going to make a yummy smoothy...


  1. Sorry for all your stress. You sound like a very strong person to be able to deal with it all. Remember to take care of yourself!

  2. Hang in there! I can't wait to see your pictures :)

  3. Does your new scale coincide with what the doc's office says? Or does the old scale coincide with the doc's office? If the new one matches the doc's office...then it probably is a real number. But if the old one matches the doc's office - then you need to calibrate this one. Now how you go about doing that, I don't know. :) But there should be a way.

    I hope you get the ultrasound done quickly and can put all this behind you. I understand the stress you are feeling. Hang in there. You have a lot of love and support from all over the world and I, for one, am thinking and praying for you!

  4. I'm having the same scale problem. It's driving me crazy - mine is 3 lbs. higher than my dr. scale. I bought it a week ago. I was going to just go by my new scale # but I tried for a week and it about killed me. SOooooo today I updated my ticker to match what my new scale says -3 the lbs. as that matches my dr. scale that I have been using all along.
    I hate scales by the way.

  5. As far as the scale, I'd do whatever makes you comfortable. If you don't mind subtracting everytime you weigh, go for it. If you want to calibrate, maybe do it when you are further along so you won't "feel" it as much. I guess it's good news/bad news regarding the genetic testing. They don't feel it's necessary, but you are worried about it. Maybe it's worth paying out of pocket to alleviate your concerns.

  6. I hate scale differences. My surgeons sale was 6lbs heavier than mine at home and 5lbs heavier than my primary care doctors. Ugh!
    I would try what Bonnie said and calibrate it if you can to your old scale.

    As far a genetic testing goes - I know that dilemma. Doesn't make a lot of sense. You are doing the right thing though and getting everything checked out. Just keep on top of it like you are and I would get a mammogram once a year (even if I had to self pay). Perhaps your family doctor could recommend it.
    Take care of yourself!!!! You've done amazingly well handling the band and all the stress. I thought I had a lot of stress but I think you have a lot more!

  7. Gotta love those scales. My suggestion is to just change your starting weight so you don't have to think of it every time. After all, if you weight the first time on the scale you had now, your starting weight would have been 2.8 higher right? Make it work for you and don't let it get the best of you.

  8. Thanks I did what Kinzie said. I just adjusted my heaviest weight at the end of october november to 301. It is closer to my pcp scale as I aways weigh about 2 lbs more then at home. SO yeah that is what I did... Guess I am glad to see that number go bye bye....