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Monday, March 1, 2010

I am back!!!!!!

Well I am back had a great time with family. I did not eat so great for the last two days but when I look back it was not that bad. I guess old dieting habits die hard. I came home stepped on the scale and was up 2 lbs but it was night with clothes on and after eating all day.. LOL so when I got up this morning I jumped on the scale buck naked. I was down.. Not saying how much until friday but yeah I am down..

I also got to spend some really good time with one of my dearest friends this weekend and watched my niece turn 19 years old.. Holla is all I can say... That means I am getting old..

I had such a great time.

On wednesday I have a fill,, I am so nervous especially after all the difficulties with the last fill. Will let you all know how that goes.

ALso a big no scale victory for me. I bought a size large jacket from the olympic store today. 30% off sale there. I can not believe it I saw the size large of course only size available and almost walked away but decided to try it on. I am so happy I did, It fit. It is a little snug on the arms and butt but I am losing and my summer I believe it will fit awesome. I am so happy as you can tell in the photo. ALso check out my super cute messy hair day lol. Walked all over Whistler this morning. Kind of a sad moment there is a memorial for the Georgian fellow that passed. I do not want to spell his name and spell it wrong. There was some of his team at his memorial it was so sad. I almost had a few tears escape. It was cool because there was some other athletes out an about Whistler from Russia and Team USA. Glad I went.

Anyways this was my first big NSV. Love my Band Diva.

PS I missed all of you I have a lot of catching up to do..


  1. So sad about the Georgian athlete and what a nice tribute to him in the closing ceremonies. Nice that you were able to be there. Glad you had fun on your trip and the coat looks great!! Nice NSV when the clothing racks are our friend!

  2. Hey girl...just wanted to say I love your blog! Thanks for following mine! I have to ask where did you get the sign that says "I can do it" with a pic of the Lap Band! I love it! Let me know if you get a chance! I would love to put it on my blog! Oh bye the way you are doing great! Go girl!

  3. I saw it on another blog you can just click it on my page and drag it off that is all I did and put it on my desktop. Uploaded it from there. Hope that helps Mary. I have a Mac so it is a bit different then a pc. Thanks for following my blog... I love getting comments always makes me feel like I can do this..