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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have become severely obsessed with bloggerland. I feel like I spend so much time reading about everyone else's journeys. I love it. It keeps me motivated, happy and also find I can relate to some of the stories and shed a few tears. I go onto everyones sites and continue to find new people to follow on here. I love it.

Couple questions for the pros out there. How do you know you are at your sweet spot??? I notice at 5 ccs I get full easy but also find I get hungry early and start to snack on things. Now does that mean I need a bit more of a fill?? I am going for one tomorrow. I have also noticed with some food it hurts when it passes through the band. I have learned to be a lot more careful. I have also had some food get stuck but am learning slowly what those foods are. I have also learned that I am tight in the morning and I have to take it easy in the morning and try to get water before I try to eat. I also enjoy tea and freshly juiced vegetable and fruit juices.

Another question my hair has started to fall out a lot. I know that it was like this after any of my surgeries and that it can not be food related because I have never eat so healthy before. So my question to you is how long before it quits falling out??? I have lots of hair so not worried about going bald but dang I hate getting handfuls out.

Well off to watch the rest of my soaps I got behind on blogs and on my favourite shows being away..

Just wanted you all to know that I love each and everyone one of you for all the support you share with me. I come here for the motivation. I hope that I can help everyone as much as you have helped me.. HUGZ all the way around..


  1. I feel obsessed too.. lol. I love reading everyone's blogs!

    My doctor tells me that perfect restriction means you eat 1/3 of the amount of food you did before you had the band, you feel satisfied and you are able to eat 3 solid food meals per day. Also, you have to be sure not to drink before or after your meal, since that can wash the food down. Think about what you ate before, if you are eating more than 1/3 of that now, you may need a fill, but if you are eating 1/3 then you may be ok. You don't want it TOO tight, that can cause a ton of problems!

  2. I'm right there with you, my obsessed Sister. I haven't been banded yet so I'm living vicariously through all the wonderful stories. I feel a little guilty that I can't add a ton of great information in my blog, but hoping someday I will.

  3. I don't think I had a particular fill then bam I was at the sweet spot, it was gradual for me I feel like I'm there or close now. I eat a cup or less for meals and sometimes snack mid afternoon.
    My hair started to fall out maybe 4 months after surgery. It's coming back in now and I still lose a little, but it's better.
    Good luck at your fill tomorrow.

  4. Hi Michelle....Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the blogs too....hard to keep up with them all though. Good luck with your fill...I am not sure about the sweet spot or hair. I only have 2.25 mls in my band and am pretty restricted and my hair is still were banded 2 weeks before me and are doing wonderfully. When did your hair start to fall out????

  5. I have 7ccs in my 11 cc band, and it wasn't till this last fill that I felt any restriction. Having said that I could probably use a bit more.. I don't get hungry inbetween meals, but I also have to consciously say STOP to myself.. I could probably eat at least 1 cup of food, not the 1/2 cup that people at their sweet spot talk about.. Hope you next fill brings you to where you want to be.. let us know..

  6. I too am addicted to reading the other blogs. I find it so helpful and it really is a sisterhood/brotherhood (for those few guys out there). I haven't found any info that is wrong but feel better when someone has gone through the same things I am. My friends don't really understand this band thing. I am waiting for the hair loss--I know a bunch have posted different shampoos/conditioners and vitamins to try. Can't remember them though.

  7. Thanks for all the great info everyone....