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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I made it...

It is here. Thank you soooo much Lori from a Journey to Embrace. She sent me out one of those fancy water bottles from Target that you cannot buy up here in Canada. I love it. So here I am in my back yard with my new beautiful purple bottle. Thank you Lori for making feel so much like part of a group.. I love the support I get here but this was just awesome of you to do.. Do you all like the beautiful mountains in the background. I live in the Lil'Wat Nation. If you watched the Olympics it is one of the four first nations group that hosted the Olympics. Is it not beautiful..

This is my hubby at Shannon falls. Today I had a ultrasound so we decided to kill some time an take a walk up the falls. We made it to the third view spot. I was amazed. I made it. Alot of stairs. I was pooped and will probably pay for it later but it was awesome. I felt a real sense of accomplishment. My hubby and I went to the info centre and got a bunch of info on other hiking trails. If ever in BC. This is a must see. YOu can hike up the Chef Mountain as well. This is in Squamish BC, only about half an hour from Vancouver..
And here is me up at the third view point. I am soooo proud of myself.. This is a small trail of the big trail that is my big fitness goal... I am so exited.. PS I am starting to notice the weight loss more especially with this exercise that I am doing and I must admit I can notice it in this picture..
One thing you can not see in this picture is all the mosquitos buzzing around us. I was trying so hard not to breath any in... LOL

Also got the kids in soccer tonight. Man it looks like a lot of work.. It will be good for me to get out though. They already have a tournament on May 1st weekend.. Crazy stuff.. My kiddies are getting all growed up.. Tear...


  1. Wow, the scenery is amazing! We are coming to BC for a holiday in October so any advice on where to go/what to see will be gratefully received!
    Congratulations on making it to the viewing spot.

  2. That is the sweetest damn thing that I have ever heard! Don't you love your water bottle?

  3. I'm so glad you got the water bottle! I never expected it to take almost three weeks! I hope you enjoy it and you are very welcome. You are making me blush!

    I love BC. My parents loved that region when I was a kid and we'd take 6 week vacations every summer and drive the west coast up and spend time all over Vancouver and Victoria. And all kinds of places all around! I'm so jealous of the gorgeous mountains in the background. I actually miss that about Cali - the wonderful variety of geology. Not so many options here in Texas. (But I love the people here.) My hubby wants to see what I saw so much of as a kid...I'll have to tell him to check out your blog/pics!

  4. I can't wait until I'm in better shape to go hiking. Besides the bugs, I love it. You should be so proud for making it as far as you did - especially with mosquitos. YUCK!

  5. What an amazing backyard!!! What a great NSV and you totally look great in those pics. Well done