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Monday, March 15, 2010

Ya so what if I want the new IPad

So I am addicted to new electronic toys. Both my hubby and I are. It is bad when one of you is addicted but two.. Not good. The one good thing about where we live in this situation is we do not have wi-fi. No high speed internet. I have an internet stick for high speed internet. SO fewwwwww do not have to run out and buy it now. But look at it all shiny and mac looking. By the way we love mac have four of them. One old dinosour, an old broken laptop then my new laptop and the one my hubby took over from me.. He tends to get the hand me down.. OOOPPS not suppose to admit that.. LOL.. So their is one of my addictions besides new cars. Love the smell of them... MMMMMM

Band news man I was ohh so mean to my band yesterday that I paid for it.. I had a timbit. Which is a donut hole. It got stuck. It hurt a lot. I was driving and did not know where to pull over and my uncle was with me so I did not want him to give me grief about my band. I feel always on the edge of my seat ready to defend my diva. SHe is my friend. I will take anyone down who wants to say mean things about her. LOL.. SO I kept driving swolling and swallowing some more and finally it budged on it own. I was doing mental imaging thanks to BG and her photos of the chewed donut going through the hole. Yup I am crazy lol. I hurt the rest of the day still scared to do solids today so I will be very gentle today.

We are off to have our eyes examined in Merritt today. Fun stuff. We have stuck with the same doctor since we moved so it is a 3.5 hr drive but we also get to visit Lens family as well. SO long day again today.

PS to all who have read my previous posts today is 13 years since Jamie passed away. That seems like such a long time ago... Kind of crazy..

Everyone have an awesome day.. It looks rainy and dreary here. So hope your weather is better.

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  1. Bummer about your timbit issue, but glad it worked it's way day. I'm a total believer in mental imaging. I've been doing it since I decided to get the band - visioning how it will be and the great weight loss. The information I get from the blogs really helps make it seem even more real.