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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy being stressed

So all sorry I have not had a chance to read your blogs. I have been super busy and today I thought would be a good day to catch up on blogs. Wrong. I phoned my dr.s office to find out about my ultrasound that was not completed on friday and she said she would have to phone me back. When she did she said I have you an appointment. It was already 1130 am. but it is at 340 today in Vancouver can you make it.. Talk about scramble ok find babysitter make sure hubby is not to tired because we got back from the eye appointment at 1030 last night. We got everything squared away and headed to Vancouver.. So long story short I will be stressed till I know what the results are. No matter how I try to minimize it, it does not work...

I am off to Lytton tomorrow for bingo with friends soooo hopefully I can start to catch up on friday again... Feel so kind of lost right now.. But I get to hang with my friend for a couple days. Good stuff...

Miss you all..


  1. Ugh - but at least they got you in. I hope the results are good. You are still in my thoughts and prayers.

    And dangit - I want that water bottle to be there. I want you to know every time you pick that water bottle up that someone somewhere is thinking of you! Please please please let it get there soon!

  2. mommy things will be great-awesome-wonderful-spectacular-amazing-delightful-best news ever-a true blessing-you will be just fine- maybe great-possibly terrific-most likely good news

    i believe in you-i believe you are special- i know you are protected and most of all i know you- a strong powerful woman- awesome mom- real good friend- michelle i have strong faith and mostly i believe in you...

  3. Thoughts and prayers for a great outcome Michelle! {{{good vibes}}}