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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

9 Year Anniversary

Well today is mine and my hubby's 9 year anniversary. It also marks out 11 years together as well. I think that is sooo crazy. I still think of myself as a young fresh spring chick... LOL.. 35 is still young in my books.
So below is a picture of me and my two sisters Jessica and Penny. My youngest sister Penny made all the dresses, brides maids, flower girls and mine as well. She is an amazing semstress. I think she should go to school for a couple courses and start up her own business. Thats my thoughts anyways...
Yes we had an extremely large party. 22 of us in total.. My hubby wanted all his buddies. It was funny cause I thought it was the girls who were suppose to have a hard time not involving all their buddies. So here is out big party. My hubby was a fire chief at the time so he was in his getup and all his buddies were in uniform as well. Even our two little ring boys were in uniform It turned out soo well.. I found out a day before the wedding that I was prego again with my second child. I had a hard time not puking my guts out... I was such a sicky prego woman. No glow with me just pale and pasty.. LOL
My hubby and all the boys.
We even got to use the fire trucks for our vehicles. I wish I had a picture of us but on the front of this truck is a ledge all of us girls all 11 of us stood on there for a picture.
And here is more of the boys. I really need to get more pictures scanned and put on my computer.
My hubby worked the night shift last night so when he got home this morning he brought flowers for me. So sweet... He also put on my facebook some of the video from our wedding.. Plans for today I get to go get my hair trimmed and possibly lunch with len. I also am making him Amy. W's pulled pork tacos, he loves pulled pork so I have two on the go right now. One of Amy.s recipe and one with BBQ sauce. I even bought guacamole that will be something new for us. LOL I can not wait to have a taste. THe kids have soccer today so nothing else really planned but on the weekend my friend Chrissy is here and she is going to watch the kids so we can take off for a date night..

Band news down over a lb today... My official weigh in is not until friday but I am showing in the 240's a section of digits I have not seen in 6 years. Crazy stuff.... Once I get to the 230's I serious can not remember a time even being in the 230's.. maybe 10 years ago..

I also had another lightbulb moment. Last night I was hungry it was 10 pm. I dug through the cupboards but I am keeping all the not so good stuff out of the house so I tried a new kind of yogurt. Yuck wont be getting that one any time soon.. I also found out my band is tight at that time of night. I think that is good because no more night time snacking... I have been tracking my calories and I am only getting 800-1000 calories a day.. I sometimes feel like this is not enough. I get full after about a half a cup sometime up to a cup of food.. How does everyone get all their protein in. I am getting in about 40-50 grams of protein in on average. According to lap-band solutions book this is enough. But is it. And how do I up it when I am full..

Well everyone have a great hump day....


  1. Happy anniversary and great job with the weight loss. You are doing so well! I shoot for 50 grams of protein too. I usually have a Premier Nutricion Protein shake from Costco (30 grams, 160 cals). They are very good as far as protein drinks go. I think your calories are a little low, but if you can only eat 1/2 Cup at a time, that is probably why.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Holy Cow - that's a big wedding party :)

  3. Great pictures! Happy Anniversary.

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    Beautiful pictures! You are truly blessed!
    Keep on rockin sista!
    Oh yea the picture worked but still have probs with my ticker...OH WELL!
    Enjoy your day sunshine!

  5. 35 is young! I loved my 30s. Early 40s aren't bad and hoping they get even better when I lose some weight. Happy anniversary and congrats on weight loss.

  6. Happy Anniversary! We had a large wedding party, too - only 20 people. :) And it was the same thing - my sweet hubby wanted all the peeps while I wanted about three. I wound up putting in his sisters/sister-n'law. Then there were all the flower girls was fun, though, and looking at all the photos, sure did feel like a lot of love there with us!

    Love the new tennis idea. Sounds like a lot of fun and you look hot hot hot in that pic you shared!

    Sorry you had to get a bit of an unfill but still sounds like you are quite restricted. And super congrats on passing your 50 lb milestone!

    I missed so much! :)

    Happy Anniversary - enjoy your day!