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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I learned something new

Well I can honestly say I always learn something new, but today was like one of those light bulb came on in my fat head.. My great big learning was when I am stressed, mad or frustrated my band is tight. It does not want to give. When I am sad and lonely it is lose and I can eat some bad stuff. This was also how I was prior to the band. I was/am an emotional eater but only when I am sad and lonely. Today I was stressed and upset. Now that is a separate story but I had a hard time with water. Not good. So I went for a very fast paced walk and then when my kids got home I went for a nice bike ride with my one son. Had a little alone time with him.. I am proud of myself that I got up off my but and went and got some exercise in. 500 calories burned in the exercise. I did not get Amy. W's pulled pork cooked because I had to buy the roasts so I will be doing them for supper tomorrow night. It is going to be soooo yummy I can just taste it right now. I think. LOL.. Anyways there was my light bulb theory. Any thoughts out there..


  1. Good for you walking and not eating. I too am an emotional eater. It gets bad when I am lonely.

  2. Gooooood luck! They are so so simple though! YUMMY! I finally polished it all off today! It makes so much...even with a tiny pork roast!

  3. It's all about finding a healthy coping mechanism, seems that you found one!