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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Corn is a very evil little being...

Today was an awesome day. I had my first facial. Awwww I felt so relaxed. I also had a manicure. I loved it. I got a sassy deep brown colour with a bit of purple. I rarely go dark on my fingers but I am starting to feel so good about myself that I could not help it.. I also bought some skin care products. My aesthetician is awesome. I am a bad person I have to face cleansing ritual. So she now has me on one. She says it will also help with my excess skin to shrink some of it up more. So got me some beautiful product..

I also have to really thank Lori from a Journey to Embrace for the stiletto award. I was unable to cut and past all the directions. But I have a few peeps to pass it onto as well.

1. Lori- Right back at you girl. Even though you already have one you are one of the blogs that if I have missed a few days I go back and read all of your posts.

2. Sandy Lee- For one she is a fellow Canadian and probably obsesses over some of the brands of things that are available down in the US as well.. Also she always posts great comments on my blog.

3. Amy. W- I always find her informative and has such great posts.

4. Antonella- She does not have a blog site at Blogger but she always leaves nice little comments for me. She was also banded at the same place as me. So very cool..

5. Band Groupie- she just has a wealth of knowledge and always so supportive.

No onto my big bad corn episode. I had dinner with my kids. We make kraft dinner, tuna, corn, and mozza cheese. I had a little bowl. First bite I felt the stuck feeling. But I thought it will pass but nope. PBed and thought I was done. Had a drink and you guessed it that wanted to come back up. So back to the bathroom and finally up came one un-chewed kernel of corn.

I have read it and reread it. Chew Chew Chew. I thought I was doing it but obviously I was not. Proof was in the sink.. So here I sit now on the couch with a blanket and a sore stoma. I am waiting for my hubby to bring me some ice cold ice cream... My calories are really low today so I think it will be ok. I will also be doing a protein shake because that is low as well.

I am also rushing through a baby blanket for my kids soccer fundraiser which is tomorrow. So with me luck on getting it finished.

Have a great Easter Weekend everyone.. Take care


  1. Hope you managed to get the blanket finished. Am very jealous of your facial and manicure, I look like a wreck!

  2. Thank you for the mention. I also had the "corn" problem. It is evil. I will so miss corn on the cob this summer but will wait and see. Stick to liquids, mushies for a day or so to give your stomach a chance to calm down.

    Glad you got all beautied up.