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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What an awesome day:

My hubby and I had a awesome hike. I may not be saying the same thing tomorrow though. We did a 9 km hike up some pretty steep hills. We believe we took the wrong trail and did the harder trail. HMMM. But we made it.. I am so proud of myself. Here is my heart rate watch after our hike. I can not believe I burned that many calories. So proud...
I also went to the health food store in Whistler and the person working was actually a nutritionist. She suggested these products. One is a powder form multivitamin, a no flavor protein powder and a liquid B vitamin blend. So tonight I will make up a shake and test this stuff out... I hate yucky things, but I need to get those vitamins in....
Here is another backyard shot for you all. This is Mount Currie. It is so beautiful...
A picture of part of the good part of the trail we were on.
Me proving we did this hike.. It was long..
I also put in more then 10000 steps. Holy baby...

Thanks for all the awesome comments from yesterdays blog here is some answers to the questions.

Katherine thanks for the idea of ziplock bags that sounds like an awesome idea.

LD Swims I love my watch. I can not wait to use it again Friday when we head out for a bike ride. Sorry about the food posts. Also thank you for the awesome award. Tomorrow I hope to have more time to do my write up on it. I have kids soccer practice in half an hour. UGGG

Bonnie I wore mine under my clothes. I think I could wear the chest strap and that all day just to have an idea about my heart rate but just wore it today for the walk.

For pasta last nights was a broad noodle organic kind it was awesome. I too do not like all the whole wheat pastas. I really like the smart pastas. Not sure how smart that is... LOL..

Girl Bandit I will have to try use the ball the other way see if I see a difference lol...

Antonella happy easter to you as well... Hope all is well. When are you going to start a blog up???

So everyone I am off to soccer practice with the kids.. Take care..


  1. Thanks for answering my question. Great job in getting in so much exercise.

  2. Wow, you're doing awesome. I think I'll look for the vitamin supplement. I can't stand those fruity flavoured ones I have so stopped taking them. You've given me some inspiration to get out for a hike this weekend. The Gatineau hills north of Ottawa have some great trails-not quite as pretty as the mountains where you live but at least a change from walking the streets. Love the new equipment, especially that heart monitor. I might buy one for my DH who bikes and runs and maybe snitch it every once in a while.

  3. I'll bet it was a gorgeous hike! Again, so jealous!

    You are doing so well! Keep it up!!!

  4. Dang now you are making me wanna hike, can i handle it??? WE will see :0)

  5. Well done on all those calories...unbelievable. Good luck on the bosu

  6. Fantastic amount of calories burned there, well done.
    You live in such a beautiful place, i'm so jealous.

  7. Wow! This is fantastic. Well done on the calories. I can't wait until I get to a point where hiking is my friend again. I miss it dearly. The mountain is beautiful!

  8. Very cool! I like all the vitamins and whey protein mixes...not their yet on the morning protein shake! I get my first fill on Tuesday - WOOHOO! I have a blog on Still trying to keep the whole surgery under wraps! Some people just don't understand! You look fantastic!

  9. I love that hike. We try to do it everytime we are thru that way (which hasn't been since we had kids)