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Monday, April 19, 2010

Not sure what to title this...

Not much is going on here in my world. I was really tight yesterday... I had a hard time keeping everything down... Today I feel back to normal. Weird how that goes. I have been slacking in bloggerland due to the beautiful weather. I have been spending a lot of time outdoors as well as cleaning cleaning cleaning. Got to love spring weather. I cleaned my canning room, laundry room, some of the cupboards. We setup the Badminton net and holy we got a lot accomplished. I have also been working on getting set-up to sell candles. Something that I can do from home that does not require me to be away for long periods of time... and it had perks I love candles. LOL..

Not much to report on,.. Feels like a very boring and dry blog... Sorry anyone for boring you...

Take care all...


  1. I was wondering if Blogland would become deserted once the weather got nice. I spent Sunday cleaning too and while I hated every minute of it, I'm enjoying the dustless, vacuumed, clutter free rooms today. Hopefully the clean will make it through the week.

  2. Not boring at all...Still don't know how to post pics or add my ticker!

  3. I envy your spring. We are going into winter - though it's not winter weather yet. Still beautiful, balmy days interspersed with a few wet ones. Catch it while you can :)

  4. Cleaning? What's that? Not my strong point I'm afraid... I wondered if with all that cleaning when you were probably stooping, bending, stretching - whether the pouch and lapband shift about very slightly, enough to tighten or loosen?? Just a thought.

  5. Its hard keeping up with life and the blogs!!