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Friday, April 16, 2010

Tennis if that is what you call it..

Since my fill I have been doing a lot better. I had mush for breaky, lunch I had 1/4 of a breakfast skillet and a few easter eggs. Those suckers need to make their way to the garbage can.. Supper will be chilli. Yummy. This is easily becoming my favorite meal.. I love it. So many different things to do to it..

Yesterday my hubby and I went to Vancouver again. Had to do the grub shopping. We hit up costco and a couple other stores. We also bought a badmonton/volley ball set for our backyard. We should have a lot of fun with that. I also got my other reward below in the picture I am wearing my new lululemon hoody and capris. I also got another coat in an awesome blue. One that is figure flattering.. I also got myself a new bra and three new panties. So far they are awesome. Feel like I am not wearing anything. LOL..
After our day of shopping we had an awesome dinner at Whistler at the Players Chop House. I had Halibut. Yummy could only eat 2 ounces of it but it was yummy. My hubby eat the biggest piece of prime rib I have ever seen. Crazy.. Wish we could have thrown in a movie but our babysitter had to get home..

This pictured is of me pretending to play tennis. My hubby and I had sooo much fun. More laughing then anything but it was also some great exercise. I am feeling it already.. I am sore.. LOL.. I am starting to feel so good about myself..
Well all hope you are planning on having a fantabulous weekend.. I am planning to as well. Hope this beautiful day lasts all weekend... Love it...

PS We put out our hummingbird feeders and I have hummers. I love them. I love the sound they make.. So as I type I am watching them through my window..


  1. Oh I've always wanted to play tennis just so I could wear one of those cool tennis skirts.

  2. ha ha ya me too... LOL.. It will be a long time for that for me.. LOL

  3. You look fabulous... love the new clothes.. Love Vancouver..

  4. Ya where is the tennis skirt???? anyway... Ill come play with you guys but I will NOT wear a skirt... that being said... Ill be home soon :)

  5. Love love love the LULU baby! You rock it!
    Barbara, VANCOUVER loves you!