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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thanks all

I am feeling much better. The heart burn was mainly in the day, I had it this morning but I seem ok... I did not have the heart burn at night. If it starts up again I will call my doctor. I wonder if the swelling from my fill is slowly going down. I was able to eat a bit of solids we had chinese so I had a small wonton soup. I eat 2.5 wontons and 2 little pieces of bbq pork. It went down well so I think I am on my way again... kind of worried I think I should be getting in a few more calories otherwise how do I get the nutrition in. Yes I am on vitamins but I do not want to live off protein shakes. We will see how this week goes for food... SO tonight for a snack I will be having a protein shake. but I am going to make it kind of a bad protein shake. I will be using ice cream (lower calorie) skim milk, protein powder and add low calorie nestie quik chocolate sauce. Yummy... This will help up my calories today.. BG if the heart burn comes back I will go in for sure. I do not want to hurt anything..

Thanks all for the comments.


  1. I had terrible heartburn when I was too tight. I also had heartburn before the lapband but they fixed my hiatus hernia and it disappeared. One of the reasons I can now sleep at night. I avoided the prescription Nexium and found Zantac (well the no-name brands) worked really well for me. Your doc can tell you best but hope it gets better without the unfill.

  2. Yup I had reflux last week and I think my band has settled too. Go us!!
    Good thinking on making up the shake - lifting the calories (how weird, huh? lol) should do the trick.