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Friday, April 2, 2010

to wear, or not to wear that is the question????

and if to wear then what kind to wear... I am talking about ounch (undies, panties, tighty whities for the men). I have started to have a real problem with my undies especially when exercising. I Have been getting a rash by my lady bits as Amy. W says. It hurts. I think I am allergic to the elastic band in the legs. I have one nice little thong but wonder if that is better.. Any thoughts to all of you out there. The irritation usually goes away in a day but darn it hurts. I can not believe I am writing about this lol.. Oh well.

Also today was my kids big fundraiser. I made a baby afghan had a lot of work in it, a bingo bag, movie basket with 3 movies in it and homemade jewelry. No one showed. How crazy. Our small group of soccer moms were pretty upset. So we loaded all the items up and will be setting up in two weeks again... UGGG... SO I am now selling 50/50 tickets... So my family and friends in BC I will be hitting you up we need $800.00 for the first tournament. Not fun...
On band news the scale moved for me today. Yes it move 1.5 lbs. I am slowly creeping up to the 50 lbs lost mini goal. Come on metabolism catch up to my over eagerness... My new vitamin regiment is working. Today I added the natural flavor protein only a 1/3 of the scoop to get in at least 10 grams of protein with my mush.

So for all of you out there help a bandster out with the ounch issue..... LOL


  1. So sorry that no one turned up to the dissapointing. Congrats on the loss. I wear cotton g's when exercising and never have had a problem...oh except when my bum got too big for them and then I wore briefs.

  2. I'm really sorry no one came to the fundraiser, hope that it goes better in a couple of weeks.
    Great news on your weight loss!!

  3. Oh crap - it happens - I think it's because of the constant rubbing and sweating too. Seriously sometimes I wear tight shorts or leggings and no underwear - then they don't creep up either. Or maybe try baby powder or something.

  4. I have to find cotton ones without the elastic on the legs because it annoys me too. My new favorites are the cotton hipsters, I bought some at Lane Bryant (made sure the leg part wasn't elastic, some they sell are) and of course their sizing makes things much easier for now.