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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NSV and Scale victories

Another hike. This one to Nairn Falls. It was beautiful , we had 3 of the kids with us and they did just fine. This was a shorter hike. It was only 3 kms. Lots of ups and downs got the heart rate up. I used up just under 1000 calories doing it. So tomorrow me and my friend Sioux are going to walk around the little lake. She has a 4 month old still in a buggy so we have to do an easy trail..
What I realize with this photo is hoodies do not show off my new waist. Why am I hiding it. So I need some new fitted hoodies. But still proud of my hiking. And yes Lori I love where I live. If you ever come up to BC again we can put you up while you stay... We can tour you around our area.
Well I went to my lovely surgeons office and had a .25 fill for a total of 5.50 ccs. He could not find my port opening so hence here is the lovely damage. Will see how it looks tomorrow this is what it looked like an hour after the appointment.
Now for my NSV this outfit is from Jeans Warehouse. This is not a specialty size store. It is a regular size store. This is mind you a 2x shirt and top but they are from a real store. So happy . I went in with my friend so she could get jeans and I left with 4 tops, and 2 bottoms. SO exciting..
I got two tank tops, one in green and orange and two short sleeve shirts one in pink and the other in blue. I am not brave enough yet to change my bottoms from black yet but one day I will.
Now onto scale victories. I have bought two new scales. I am finally using a tanita scale. I did have a weight watchers scale for a couple weeks but found it up and down and gave up on it. So I went for my fill today and my doctor weighed me. I was down 9 lbs in one month. Well my so little amount of poop purple. I was shocked I was expecting maybe 3 or 4 lbs. Their scale is now the same as mine. THat is good. It was a lb heavier but I always weigh first thing in the morning with nothing on... Last month I lost 8 lbs according to their scale. So I feel like I am back on track..

The only thing that needs to change is the Easter bunny needs to come back and take all this chocolate with them. I am really good if it is not in my house I will not eat it, but if it is here it is fair game.. I hate that about myself but it is the truth. How did everyone else do for Easter???

Well now I need to catch up on some of your lovely blogs. Chow...


  1. Love the outfit. You look great. But, why oh why, did all you ladies get visited by the boob fairy while poor old me was left unloved. Sigh...

  2. Love the pink top! Very cute.
    Sorry your fill was a bit of a challenge... geesh, that's a lot of pokes!

  3. Ummmm, the picture of your port misses looks very scary! You look great though!

  4. You look great! And ouch, that scares me.

  5. Not loving the ouchies!! But you look great!

  6. I went for my first fill yesterday...still have the bandaid on and it hurts! Too afraid to look. Only lost a few lbs and hoping this is my ticket to wonderland! Tired of the two's! I need to throw all the damn chocolate away. I keep telling my family and friends - STOP but they insist! I had my purdy's fix and now I am hoping to be DONE! You look great!

  7. Oh, so jealous! I actually have been to Nairn falls and would love to again. We may just take you up on that offer! How generous that is!!!

    That fill looks like it was brutal. I hope the bruising isn't any worse and I hope it heals quickly. Yikes!

    That pic of you at the top is just cute cute! You look absolutely adorable and happy. And the new clothes look great! Lookin good!!!

  8. I haven't had my first fill yet----but OMG your's looks scary! Hope they used something to numb you!

  9. I am completely tramautized by the post-fill bruising. OMG Michelle! That looks really sore.

    You look amazing. I love the new top.