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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I have become picture happy

So six months ago I avoided the cameras like crazy. Now look at me I love having my picture taken and love to post it. Crazy stuff. So the pictures below are of us way up on a mountain and that is the beautiful valley below us. This is where they paraglide. It was beautiful. So love my new truck lets us do things like this. Also my hubby has stepped out of his box by wearing his new shirt. He is normally a navy blue or black t-shirt. So helping him change that up a bit. Doesn't he look good as well.

For band news I get to go for a fill next wednesday. Going to slowly go up. My hubby doesn't understand he says I shouldnt but I have no restriction. I can eat man. So I need the fill. He is scared that I will repeat what happened. So hope he is ok that I am doing it anyways. Otherwise the band is not doing what I paid it to do... So come on Diva lets get this show on the road..


  1. What a spectacular view! Perhaps the BOOBs should meet in your neck of the woods next time...

  2. That's great - I allow more pictures now too! Yours are spectacular!

  3. Can't wait until I like getting my picture taken. I love when my hubby wears color too.