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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feeling sad but only a few days to go

This is me like hmmm 9 months ago. My first time golfing. Wow...
This is me the other day.. What a difference. I at least finished the 9 holes rather than 9 months ago I only finished only half of the 9 holes.
This is me in my new oakleys. I have never owned a pair. SO these are my new babies. They are the breast cancer ones. LOVe them.

Now onto why so gloomy. I have noooo restriction. The .7 that was removed made a huge difference. I can eat everything... I am trying my darndest to not stick everything in my mouth. But definitely feel like I am failing.. I go up and down a pound which is not bad. But what this has taught me is why I could not do this without my friend Diva. She made most of this possible and I can not wait until wednesday to get her filled up and back up and running. I depend on her soooo much.. I so want that 60 lbs gone.

I am also pouting about my toe. It has been 3 weeks now and it is still swollen and sore. Like seriously it is just a toe. I do not fit my runners. All I fit is flip flops and even those are hard to fit. I want to get back at the exercising.. All this week I have felt like old habits are hard to get rid of because I feel like I am that lazy person I was sitting on the couch. Mind you I have gotten out and accomplished a few things like golfing for my second time, hiking around the lake and just trying to keep moving to some extent, but do I ever pay for it. My poor toe and foot swell up..

So this post is all about feeling sorry for myself. I also just want to get this show on the road. I hate feeling like old habits are coming back....

Hope everyone is doing great. Will try catch up..


  1. Love the oakleys. Very cool. Hopefully Wednesday will be here before you know it.

  2. Well done on the glofing thats great you look so different!....

    With the toe, do you think you need a course of antibiotics as it should be on the mend and the swelling should be going if not gone.. might be worth a 2nd oppinion or seeing the doc again..

    I too am waiting for a fill tomorrow.. its going to be a great week!
    K xx

  3. You look fantastic, I love the sunglasses. Hope that your toe gets better soon.

  4. I feel your pain! Focus on the positives, the rest will take time.

  5. Love the shades!
    When is your next fill?

  6. Just look how far you have gotten in such a short time. 55lbs? 55freakinfabulouspounds baby!

  7. You look amazing...hope that makes you feel better. Sorry about the no restriction and sore toe

  8. What a lovely close-up of you... Hadn't you better get that toe checked out again? Could it still be infected??