Small Goal

My accomplishments with the mean old scale....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Im going for a fill.

I go for a fill on wednesday. Yeah because dang I know I am eating way more then normal. So excited to go for that. Tomorrow I am off to go and bail my truck out of repair shop. I missed here.

I am thinking we maybe going to pitch the trailer somewhere for the weekend. Will see how my hubby feels about that. He works the day shift and also have to see how the weather will be.


  1. Glad you are going for a fill and I hope it makes a positive difference - positive in the hunger, not positive in the weight. :)

    Where would you go this weekend? We need pictures - or I I can drool...a lot!

  2. Hope the fill works. I think I need a little tweak too.

  3. Go for the fill and chill out this weekend. If I lived closer I would pour you a wine!!!