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My accomplishments with the mean old scale....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So much going on. I did not make my goal probably because of stress because I can feel it everywhere in my body. I am retaining fluids bad and my body is soooo tight. I just need to un-stress so bad.. This is where my bad eating comes in to effect.

The stress where is it coming from hmmm:

The move telling the landlord we are moving.
Finding a house we looked and there is nothing to rent and everything to buy. We are not in a situation to buy.
Convincing the kids the move is good.
Just the move in general.
To top it off the camping trip was good but as I was leaving I rubbed my sister in-laws bumper and owe her $600.00 to fix it. Uggg.

So all of this has compounded and I am stressed. That is all I have to say.. I am frustrated and iratated. Now how to get rid of this. Sun is coming out might take the kids for a walk or something but even they are kind of irratating me at this point. Need a holiday. Help LOL..

So I am eating soup and staying away from chocolate because darn it was going down easy had my hubby take it away last night..

Might be out camping this weekend will see. get to pick up my truck friday from the damage to it another $300.00 for the deductible. Money easy come easy go right.

Hope everyone is having a much better time.. Take care all..


  1. Count to ten and take a deep breath. "Life is what happens when you are making all those other plans."

    That is so hard about the house situation. Can you convince any of the sellers to do a lease to sell?

    Argh, kids...they will adapt. Kids are good at that. Yes, it's hard to leave. But before they know it, they'll be running around like no change ever. Doesn't help in the meantime, though, that I know.

    Grrr...not cool about the bumper. At least it was "just" a bumper. :)

    Soup sounds wise. A ban on chocolate sounds wise, too. But take it easy on yourself. If a single piece of chocolate might help = make sure you are getting enough calories or the stress will just get worse!

    I hope this turns around soon! Sending great big hugs at ya!!!


  2. Ugh, that DOES sound like a lot of stress! Be sure to take some time to yourself, in the morning or night when the kids aren't around, and just enjoy some quiet, calm time. I am sure that will at least help your body de-stress a bit. Good luck!

  3. Doesn't help that this weather has been sucking hard! Just take it one day at a time. Don't beat yourself up!

  4. Boo to the stressors in our lives! I share your pain in moving and trying to find a place to live. We are in a position to buy yet can't seem to find anything and there really isn't anything to rent as backup!

    But no worries - everything will work itself out. Just remember that the more tense you get, the more tense people around you get, the more tense you get...stress is a vicious cycle.

    And I firmly believe that chocolate is worth the calories in moderation. I hate relying on food to make me feel better but there are some days that only a piece of sweet, delicious chocolate can fix!

  5. Sorry so much is going on right now. Why is it always at once? Hang in there!

  6. Stress sucks big time. I'm sorry things aren't going your way. Hope brighter days are headed your way.

  7. Hang in there! Moving is one of the top stressors. I family moved a year ago (about and hour and a half away) I was worried about the teenagers adjusting, finding a house, a new job for me...but a year later I think everyone can honestly say it all worked out for the best. The girls love their new schools and have made friends. It is stressful along the way, but as long as you have each can get thru it and make it happen! Good luck and hugs across the miles!

  8. So sorry to hear about all your woes....moving is so stressful to begin witgh without not having somewhere to go. I hated moving when I was young so I can just imagine how the kids feel. Chin up and perhaps you should try and get away on the weekend if it won't stress you out to much!!!

  9. You're stressed but you're still being sensible - I'm so envious!! Hey it's only money...