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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So sad

I am so sad that scrap booking blogs has run into some troubles. My blog looks soooo boring.. So now I must become creative and fix it up again..

My week is slowly coming into play. I have so much to do. Starting off with packing my kitchen, and carport. After that the house is pretty much done except for taking apart bunk beds and such.
Today I am off to Merritt to do a candle party. Wish me luck. I also get to pick up my niece she is coming over to help us out with the move.

I will be staying at Merritt with my sister in-law and heading out tomorrow morning with all the kids to my appointment for my un-fill. I cannot wait. I almost drowned in my sleep last night again. Woke up choking and gagging a few times. I cannot wait for that to be over. I have been able to get some solids down but they stay in my pouch forever and that is where the sever acid reflux is coming from. I truly feel like I am becoming bulimic and not by choice so this unfill thing is feeling like the light at the end of the tunnel for me... I wish I did not have such a sensitive stomach, but I guess there are worse things to have.

Thursday basically will be a day to get the rest of the crap packed and ready. Friday I go to Lillooet to set the trailer up for me and the kids and Len will join us on saturday. It is their big festival the apricot festival so I will be there to celebrate it up. We will also be having our twins 11 birthday party. I have some friends coming to join us camp it is so much funnier with a group. LOL..

Then on Monday morning the nightmare arrives. We are moving... Yuck.... I have the campsite booked for a week so that I do not have to worry about the house as much and can go at it slower then I normally would...

So as you can see hopefully August will be a slower month because darn I need it.. LOL



  1. I hate moving. I hope it goes smothly for you.

    I am so sorry that you are still suffering. I know your unfill will bring you the relief you need. Hang in there until then!

  2. So glad to hear from you. Moving sucks, especially when you have to pack up your life. How the stuff grows is beyond me. I'm in the same boat as you with restriction. Not sure where it came from but this afternoon got stuck on applesauce. I think an un-fill is in my near future although I have been able to sleep and don't have the heartburn at night.

    Good luck with the move and organizing the new place. Keep us posted when you get back on line.

  3. Good luck with the unfill. Not fun when it is disturbing your sleep!

    Enjoy your day tomorrow in beautiful Vancouver!

    Moving sucks hard! You can do it sunshine!
    Keep us posted!

  4. Geez.. after reading your post.. I don't think I am going to move.. just run away ..
    it sounds exhaustive..

  5. I'm definitely hoping you have a less stressful August. Good luck on moving and the unfill.