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Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm back if not for a post

SO it has been a longggg time. I have been so busy, between family visits, holidaying for 2 weeks and so on. So I am down somewhere between 65 and 70 pounds current pictures below.

Side view. I am wearing jean warehouse size XL
Front shot, notice the very attractive post holiday hair. No flat iron where we were camping... LOL
Just a close up shot
So above is a picture of my warehouse one jeans. Size 38 the sales person said I looked good in the size 36 but I was too nervous. I never I mean never have to shop at Penningtons again.. How sad. NOT>.

So I am feeling healthier, stronger and happier but have had nothing but problems with my tightness. I have had issues since an over fill a while ago. So I tried to go in for some unfill before holidays but my surgeans were on holidays. WHo said surgeans could have holidays.. LOL. So I suffered through choking on water, drowning in my sleep, and no solids. I had troubles with protein shakes and so many other things. All I could get down was ice caps from tim hortins, milk shakes and ice cream. How crazy is that... So I will do a weigh in on wednesday wish me luck.. I am pretty nervous..

I so can not wait to get this unfill. Take care everyone.

PS moving day is July 26th. UGGG lord help me. I guess stress does not help the tightness. My little diva is a whole lot pissed off..


  1. Well its about TIME! I missed you!
    I didn't know you were having difficutlties with your last fill.
    You look FABULOUS!!
    Cant wait to meet you one day...CHEERS!

  2. Look at you - you disappear and come back a new woman. Fab!!

  3. You look awesome!!

    We close on our house on the 23rd so we'll be moving right along side you on the 26th! I am hoping for some good calorie burn for all the moving...but the added stress may not be good for the scale.

    Wishing you good scale fairy dust for your weigh in!!

  4. You look 10 years younger! Hope you feel better soon!

  5. You look thinner AND younger! I'm sorry you're paying for it with too-tightness misery.

  6. Somehow I almost missed this post. So glad I caught it. You look great! What a difference.

  7. You look great! Good job!


  8. Oh my gosh! You are looking FAN-freakin-tastic! Way to go!