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Saturday, August 28, 2010

more scenery

We have had an awesome summer... Lots of camping and holidaying. Lots of other things as well. Such as moving and having troubles with my band for over half of the summer but it was still a great summer. I love my family.

This picture is of a wonderful waterfall that I finally got to see in the mountains of my home town, North Bend Canada. My mom talked about this falls all the time. She said you could go behind it.. And finally we found it.. Awesome is all I can say. Not a lot of people know where it is. SO very private. Loved it.. So did the kiddies..

Me and my family up at the Nahatlatch National Park up in my home town area of North Bend again. There is a chain of glacier lakes. Again just beautiful.
A shot of me and my daughter.. When I see pictures I think wow look at me.. But when I look in mirrors I still think man you are soooo fat. How do we over come that. I need serious help with that. ANy suggestions..
With my weight I still have not really weighed in. I am not eating the greatest I admit that.. To much on the go and to much what I call kiddy food.. One of my weaknesses are movies and movie popcorn at the theatre.. Soooo bad for you.. I know once in a while is ok buttt I believe we saw a lot of movies this summer... HMMMMMM...

I also still think something is out of wonk with my band. Here is another question for you pros out there. When I sometimes feel food pass through the band it seems like it is in a low position. I use to feel it up higher now I feel it below my diapram. I also think I am over worrying this.. Any thoughts.. I still get some heart burn but not bad enough to need medication for it..

Anyways thought I would give a quick update for everyone.. I am so far behind in blogland.. Miss you all.. I need to get back and get back to my support network.. You are all the best..


  1. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. You look amazing!

  2. I love the pics. Sorry I can't comment on the band feeling.

  3. Gosh I miss BC SOOO much! No matter where I roam, I'll always be a BC girl. <3
    Robin at Band on the Run