Small Goal

My accomplishments with the mean old scale....

Sunday, August 29, 2010

So sad

SO I weighed in this morning I have gained 3 lbs. I even updated my ticker... But I will be buckling down again. Started back this morning.. I made me a protein shake. I feel like I need to go back to a protein shake diet for a bit to get off all the bad carbs.. Because lets face it I have been loving those up lately.. I need to swear off ice cream as well..

So just a quick update on my crappy gain. I knew I had that is why I had not weighed in for soooo long.... SO starting today I am back on the wagon.. I have noticed that there is a lot of us that are having the same summer issues.. SO come on school is back for all of us mommies and that means routine again.. We all can do it.. LOL


  1. So having peanut butter ice cream two days in a row while on summer vacation isn't in the cards for you? Don't worry, I'll fall on that grenade!

  2. I agree - school's back and so are we!