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Monday, September 6, 2010

1 pound back off

So I am one pound gone. It is coming back off. Slowly... I still need to get my food in check and exercise. This will come. When I add up my calories I like to be at about 1200 but I am eating 1500-1700.. Way to high for me.. I still really believe that once the kids go back to school things will fall back into routine.

I am suppose to go for a fill on wednesday but starting to feel like I don't really need one.. Some days I am tightish and others I can eat everything. I am worried if on the days I am tightish I may have big issues. I am still feeling slightly heartburnish in the evening. Kind of a weird heart burn.. And a again I have a question for everyone. When you eat food and you actually feel it going through the band where abouts do you feel it.. Mine I am feeling below my bra line about two fingers under that. Is that where everyone else feels it????

Also you may notice my crazy layout. My 7 year old son who is autistic loves skulls and such so this is kind of a layout for him.. Looks kind of cool..

I also am noticing with my a bunch of my weight gone that I am freezing cold.... I have a hard time warming up once I am cold and when everyone else is saying they are fine I am wearing hoodies and socks.. Hmmm

Otherwise school is in tomorrow..


  1. Love the background---all ready for Halloween :)

  2. I love skulls too...guess, I'm a seven year old at heart. Now I know why all the skinny people wear sweaters all the time....I'll gladly pass on a little padding to warm them up. least you can always put a sweater on.

  3. Ive been having some heartburn as well...been taking som Zantac!
    Let me know if you go for the fill...

  4. I nominated you for an award on my blog today. Please pick it up and then we'll learn more about you.

  5. On to you well deserved!
    I gave you an award, you can view it on my page!

  6. One pound at a time is all it takes!