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Thursday, September 9, 2010

70 lbs gone

Well I am officially down another 3 lbs making it 70 lbs gone since december.. Yeah... Little happy dance this morning.. I am 2 lbs away from 229 which is a number I have seen in over probably 11 years.. How crazy is that.. I have to admit I was starting to be hard on myself having all the self defeating thoughts such as see this isn't even going to work now I am going to be stuck with this big bill to pay off for another 4 years.. Man oh man. But I got back some of the good thoughts this morning. I even had to go back on the scale twice to double check... But yeah...

Other life thoughts I have been questioning the whole stay at home thing. I find I am very bored and lonely (which is when I eat) on the days home alone and want a job but do not want to be full-time because of my husbands crazy schedule. I want some time off with him. He does not get many weekends off. so sad... So not sure the solution. We are not broke could use the money but couldn't everyone.. I often think that my Bachelors of Social Work is going to waste.
Another thing going on is my fybromalgia has also flared up. It has been over a month. Basically since the move. I hate the meds because they make me sleepy but I am soo tired of being sore all the time. I also made an appointment and will be seeing a massage therapist who will help me work on my core muscles an area that I need help in.. I also cannot wait for the pool to open so that I can join water aerobics and soak in a hot tub..

Anyways this is how things are going for the most part. I am doing good but just want to be pain free. WEll everyone have a fabulous day...


  1. Yeah, 70 lbs down is good. You must step quickly these days compared to 70 lbs. ago.

  2. Congrats on 70 lbs. That is amazing!

    How about some volunteer work to start? Perhaps a local domestic violence shelter or crisis hotline could use someone with your training. A volunteer job would give you the flexibility you desire and will help you network to find a paying gig down the road.

  3. Thank you Amanda those are great suggestions.. I will keep everyone updated..

  4. Great news about 70 down. Good to see that the band really works.

  5. Congrats on 70 lbs. My mom suffers from fybromyalgia so I know how that can hurt. I hope that you find some relief.

  6. Wonderful news on the weight loss. You've done so well. Sorry about the fibro...being in pain is not fun. Hope you get some relief soon.

  7. Woooohooo! you are doing amazing and so proud of you! A true bandster inspiration!

    My mom and sister both have fybro...I told my sister to try the meds.

    Volunteering is a great idea!

  8. You look great! Congratulations on the 70 pounds.

  9. Congrats on losing a decade of weight!