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Monday, September 27, 2010


Well I thought that I would only be doing a fitness fusion class two days a week but the rec centre phoned and the pilates class is a go. So exciting. Now I am really wondering how my body will react to exercising 4 days a week.. LOL

I really feel like my weightloss has slowed down so I am hoping and praying that with this exercise my weightloss will pick right back up. I am defiantly happy with where I have come Just hope I can get down the last 28 or 29 lbs. That would get me down to 200 lbs. I just am putting my goal at 200 for now. When I get past that anything more would be just unbelievable. So I guess I am just a little discouraged. This fill is something I can defiantly feel. My food restriction is there. I eat a small piece of salmon and less then a half of a cup of brown rice. I also had a couple pieces of cucumber. I was stuffed but in the evening I got the munchies at these times is when I eat some no no stuff. Not large amounts but still no no stuff. Stuff like Ice cream or puddings or jello. All are the low fat versions. Any ideas on a healthier little snack.. Or what you others do with the late evening snacking.. Maybe I need to get some natural almonds or something.

So I am off to bring the girls to their figure skating and then supper and then pilates. Then hopefully catch up on some of my shows that will be recorded. LOL...

Next week is first week of my job. Take care all..

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  1. Great job with the exercise. Hopefully it helps move the scale in the right direction.

  2. I personally don't mind the ice cream, jello and puddings. I try to keep my snacks around 100-150 calories and you can find some really yummy items for that. However, if you still have the munchies after then of course you might need something different.

    My favorite right now is a bag of snap peas with hummus. The peas are 100 calories and then the hummus is around 70 depending on the amount. Or a 100 calorie pack of popcorn. Both are higher in carbs, but late at night that is what I crave.

    On the protein side you could do the almonds. I like the prepackaged 100 calorie packs (the cocoa dusted ones are my fav). Another thing may be some lunch meat wrapped around a piece of string cheese. Or Jerkey (the homemade kind has a lot less sodium!).

  3. I'm the same with the little in the day snack in the night scenario so I keep slices of smoked salmon and some low fat fetta in the fridge and they make a great little high protein snack for night time naughties. If its something sweet I'm after I go straight for the dark chocolate really good stuff cause I find I only need a piece or two instead of a whole block of the super milky sugary type to kick the sugar craving. I've just found your blog through fluffy - love your pics they're awesome you're doing great!