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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New feelings

Ok I know you hear about people saying how exercise makes you feel great and all. I never believed. Still don't because I know I am going to wake up sorer then you know what... But I am sooo proud of myself. I did two days in a row. One of pilates. I came back from there sooo proud of myself and felt sooo good... Woke up this morning with a couple sore muscles but not sooo bad.. My hubby and I even went for a little hike today.

So now onto tonights exercise.. This is a class called fitness fusion. It is a cardio circuit training. I almost died. I mean I had sweat coming from every part of me. I was red in the face. Still red in the face... Wobbly and so on. But I did it. I pushed myself and did the full hour. I walked away with a new set of confidence. I am sooo proud of myself and my body.. At one of the stations I was like wow are those my legs. Yes they are.. LOL...

So for now I am feeling pride and happiness with what I have done. Mind you I may not feel the same way tomorrow.. LOL>. And I have to drag myself to pilates again tomorrow. LOrd help me..

THis fill is still working for me. Just still have heartburn at night which I am hoping will go away as my tummy gets accustom to it.. No issues with being stuck am taking it really slow though.. Have been making some really yummy meals lately and on thursday I think I am going to have Amy.W's awesome turkey meatloaf..

Goodnight all... I will be heading to bed soon..

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  1. My honeybunchkins is kicking some proud of you.

  2. Hi Michelle - Glad you are enjoying the exercise! I think it's key for long-term success. A couple things you might consider for the heartburn at night: a Tums (or some sort of antacid) prior to going to bed, not eating anything 2-3 hours before bed, increase your water intake in the evenings (this one can lead to other problems during the night for some --- getting up and having to go to the bathroom!), and checking your dinner bandster portion size. You are doing great!

  3. Great job! I'm with you on the working out, I'm always tired after.

  4. Wow, you are kicking butt and taking names! Hope the heartburn lets up - that can be SO uncomfortable.

  5. I wish I got the "Rush" that some people get from exercise, but I don't! I'm hoping that the more I lose, the less miserable it will be at the very least. Just going up my stairs to the 2nd floor has gotten much easier, thank goodness.

  6. So very awesome. It's talk about exercise like it's something you haven't been doing but you go on all these hikes and bike all along here I was thinking you WERE exercising. Now I know. :)

    Glad you are loving it!!

    Hope the heartburn resolves soon. That seems worrisome.

  7. Hi Michelle...

    Good for you on the exercise! I just started back too and I ache. All over...

    Hang in there...we can do this!