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Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm just plain crazy

This is one of my family summer shots. My kids are so awesome. LOL...

Anyways now lets talk about all the craziness going on at my house. So yes the boys are registered in hockey. That is 2 nights a week. Originally it was going to be 4 nights a week but that changed. I have the girls in guides and brownies. That is tuesdays and saturday. I will be doing pilates two nights a week and a fitness class which is suppose to be a bit like a circuit, with a lot of cardio two days a week. I also thought about a learning how to skate class as well.. LOL.. And now the girls would like to be in figure skating and that will be two days a week as well... Jesh yes crazy...

Now you maybe questioning where is all this energy coming from. Well I have yet to figure that out as well. I have a weightloss goal for christmas of 20 lbs down.. I want that bad. I am working on the food. I also have a fill on wednesday. I am making it to this one. I now I need a tweaking but do not want a big fill. I do not want to be over filled or have issues with heart burn again.. The exercise will be something new for my body. I am really looking forward to these classes.

Now on the work front. No word back but yet on the job I had the interview on wednesday. I am kind of really hoping I do not get it. Especially with all this extra stuff I am going to be part of... I still wouldn't mind a part-time job a few days a week. That is kind of what I am looking for... This one was a monday to friday gig 830-430... Plus some nights and that will not work with all these activities I am in.. So I am really hoping I do not get it.. LOL... How crazy is that..

So we move and I all of a sudden am like crazy busy... LOL.. I do love where I am living..

Ohhh yeah and I did something fun today with my kids. I went to my first skate since I was probably 7 or something. I made it around the rink about 6 times with out falling on my but... I used both figure skates and hockey skates, but both made my feet cramp right up.. LOL..

Anyways. Hope everyone else is getting their schedule together now that everything is back up and running...


  1. Wow! What a schedule. I got tired just reading it!

  2. Your life sounds like mine! Right now 2 boys have 2 different football practices 3x per week, plus games on Saturdays, 1 daughter has lacrosse 2x per week, 1 daughter has dance 2x per week...Once we get to hockey season we will be the rink EVERY Day except Fri!

    Still, I only have 4!

    Way to go on the skating! I need to get out there this year....

  3. I am so happy my 5 kids are grown and moved out!

  4. Wow girl - share some energy over here! Once my work schedule slows down, I'm looking forward to shaking up my weight loss with some fitness classes as well!

  5. With all the chauffeuring you will be doing to get them and you everywhere, you won't have time to eat! You''ll make your goal without any problems!

  6. I love that picture. Enlarge it and hang it up. It's amazing. I think the fall always brings the craziness. But then it will be Christmas...