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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

some new pictures

So lots going on let me tell you... lol.... I have a job interview tomorrow at 11. I am freaking out. It is for a counselling position at the school.. I have some feelings of being overwhelmed. I am not even sure if I will get the job. I kind of have a if I the job then it was meant to be. If I do not then oh well. LOL..

But this is where my dilemma started. I have no dressy clothes. What was a girl to do. So my hubby took me shopping and guess what. I came home with three cute little numbers.

1. Is a swanky little black dress in reitmens size 15. I have not bought or wore a dress in years. Soooo crazy. But my hubby loves it and so do I.
2. Is a pair of jeans and a cardigan from Reitmans as well. In size yuppers 15. So excited.
3. This is my interview outfit. A nice pair of dress pants and a nice sweater. I feel hot and awesome in this outfit. So even if I do not get this job I will still feel good in this. LOL
The fun part was going to the store and the lady took me to the plus size area. She had me try on the 16+ I came out in them and she says no go try on the 14+ pants still too big so off we went to the real ladies sizes. I was like aww the world is my oster. LOL whatever that means. So I tried on the 15's and yeah they fit. I am now officially feeling great about how far I have come. I also got me a new prima donna bra. So my lovely ladies have not lost any weight but under them has. So my new bra is wonderful. I have support and no bounce feeling. I love it. The girls are perky again. Love it..

So all the other goings about. I have officially registered the 3 boys in hockey for the the first time. SO yes I will be a hockey mom. LOL. Below is 2 of my boys in their gear.

They are so happy to be playing. Look at the smile on my one sons face.

For the girls we bugged them and bugged them to try out hockey but no such luck. LOL..

So for them they are registered in Girl Guides. So lucky us we will have cookies to sell. LOL


Talk to you all later. Enjoy..


  1. You look amazing, I love all your new clothes.
    Good luck with your interview tomorrow.

  2. I love all 3 outfits - you look FANTASTIC. You will nail the interview :)

  3. Those outfits are fantastic!!! I think you made the right choice for the interview! Good luck, hun!

  4. you look fantastic! that dress is SEXY!! whoo hoo

  5. Wow you look SO AMAZING! Good luck on the interview!

  6. You look so darn cute. And hope you get the job! Probably in that outfit. Just bought size 14 at Reitmans. In the petite area. And one 1X top. Weird sizing but at least new clothes are wonderful.

  7. You look great! That first dress is very sexy.
    Good luck on the job!

  8. Oh my gawd, I love them all! You look FABULOUS baby! Good luck with the job interview! Saying a little prayer for you!

    HOCKEY! Love the pics!

  9. WAW... WAW... and WAW... keep up the good work, you look awesome and I'm sure you love your new outfits