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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bad news

I got word back from my surgeons office and I go in next wednesday for a full unfill.. eekk I have never had a full unfill because even with surgery we had 3 ccs in there. So will be interesting. I hope I will be able to control myself but not really sure what the plan is. I was just emailed that they will do a complete unfill and then an xray. After the xray I am not sure if they will be putting fluid back in or if I will have to go back in a couple weeks... Will be interesting. Will keep you posted.. Wish me luck...


  1. All the best.. hopefully the unfill is just for the xray... Keep us posted will be thinking of you xx

  2. Good luck to you - fingers crossed that all works out!

  3. That sucks, but you have to get the reflux under control. Feel better!