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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A call out to anyone with a slipped band.

I am trying to explain what I have been going through with my band. So here it goes I hope someone out there has experienced something similar.
Back in June I received a fill that put me to tight. I was not able to go see my surgeons due to them both being on holidays. It was a long time before I could get in. I could only eat liquids but even those caused extreme pain when passing through the band. SO I stuck to things that did not hurt ice cream and ice caps. I had extreme heart burn. I had multiple unfills to get rid of the heartburn. It never did full go away. I realized that band did not have a lot of restriction and went in for a fill. I had a tiny fill and noticed the heartburn did not improve or get worse. I have lately been having issues and I have since June but had hoped they would go away. I have really been trying to really listen to my body. Again I have some restriction but I can eat all kinds of food. They go through the band. But but it seems like I have a small amount of small things that do not go through the band as well as liquid. This is what I do not understand how can the solids go through and not all of the liquid. At night when I lay down that liquid comes up and I wake up drowning. I have learned to empty the pouch every night or I pay by being uncomfortable all night. This is even without eating anything 4 hours or more before bed. I try not to drink anything before bed about 2 hours. I also take a zantac at the same time or I have heartburn from anything that maybe left in the pouch. I am really worried that it may have slipped back in June. I have emailed my surgeons office and hoping they will send me a request to have a barium exray to make sure that is not the case. I am not sure what is going on but would like to focus on getting that figured out. So if there is anyone out there that has experienced one or knows what it is about please let me know. Like crazy I just took Tynelol and no probs with that?????

On the personal side lots going on. I think I have made my decision I am going to go back to my old job. They have agreed to a lot of the changes that I wanted made in order for me to be able to work there. I talked to my co-worker and let her know all the things I had issues with and she spoke with my old co-worker and she agreed to the changes. I loved my job there. I loved getting up and going to work. I loved my co-workers and loved the job. I can see me being either the supervisor when she retires or the executive director when she leaves. I do not know I just feel with my heart that, that is where I am suppose to be. So now my big issue is if I do get my position back how do I put in my resignation at my current job. Do I do it verbally and then follow up with a letter. Help a girl out because I am feeling very guilty about leaving this position if I do.. I do enjoy it somewhat. But I do not love it...

Anyways all have a great rest of your weekend.


  1. I hope you feel better. I can't offer much help, since I've only been banded for a month - but I think requesting an floro is a great idea. Keep us posted! ♥

  2. Sorry I can't comment on the possible slipped band issue. Hoping your surgeon can schedule you for a test soon to ease your mind.

    When I've left my 2 jobs previously I told my boss verbally then handed in a resignation letter. Obviously the more notice you can give them the better.

  3. Jeez, I hope its just some teething problems and not a slipped band. But I was told - if this puts your mind at rest - if it IS a slipped band, they can take some fill out (or all of it!) and it will right itself. You just have to stick with the unfilled band for a few weeks, wait for it to heal (all the swelling etc) and when things are good again, the band moves back into position, you get filled and start again.
    Thinking of you and hope it all goes well.

  4. Oh no, I hope this is not a big problem! Poor thing, I can't imagine going so long being too tight. My one week episode was pure torture! They can fix it, whatever the problem is. Just hope it gets fixed soon.

  5. Keep us posted!

    I've been struggling with heartburn too. I can relate to the feeling of waking up drowning. I've had good relief with the Prilosec. I'm almost done with the two week treatment and I hope it doesn't come back when I'm done.

  6. I hope your Band issues work out soon!

    I would walk right in to your boss and hand him a resignation letter and explain that while you are appreciative for this position, its just not what you expected and are returning to your old job. Keep it positive about the company you are leaving but let them know it's not your cup of tea. Unfortunately 2 weeks would be the professional time until you leave.

    Good luck and keep us updated!!!


  7. I don't think mine has ever slipped but I have had awful heartburn when I'm stuck. It usually goes away once the food passes. I think you need to see the doc and see what they say. Hope you feel better soon.