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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I did it

Well I put in my resignation. It was stressful and all but I did it. I will talk with the principals tomorrow. I am not sure if I will go in or do it over the phone as I am sick with a stomach bug I think.. Or it is still issues with the band. All I know is I was up 6 times last night and all I could throw up was stomach acid. Nasty. SO today I felt slightly upset stomach but mostly tired with a bad headache. I will reassess tomorrow.

I cannot believe I did it. I really feel that job was not me. I did it, I did my best and I just did not love it.

So that was my quick update on that. I also cannot wait till wednesday I want my band dealt with.. Ugggg. Anyways. Take care all..


  1. Good for you. Hoping Wednesday comes fast for you.

  2. Well done for doing the right thing for you. Band issues are horrible, hope that you get some relief soon.

  3. Thinking of you.. hope you are on the mend so soon xx

  4. Well done Michelle, I bet your physical problems were because of the stress you were under. Hope you're better already...

  5. Glad you had the courage to do this - Good Luck & feel better soon.