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My accomplishments with the mean old scale....

Monday, November 29, 2010


I am not really sure where I have been, I just know that I have been missing.... So much going on. Back at a job I love and have been kept very busy. My home life has been busy and just feel like we have been on the go everyday.. I am exhausted just sitting typing this...

Somethings going on:
1. I am getting my headaches looked into. They are checking my thyroid, blood, nutrients and see if I am anemic. I am having a hard time always being cold and by this I am not just meaning a little cold I am meaning freezing and it takes forever to warm up.. They did blood work, an xray to check my sinuses and will be going in for a CT scan in a couple of weeks..
2) Christmas well that is almost in the bag... GOt a lot accomplished this weekend.. shopping is almost all done. Just a couple more small things to get done..
3)Work is keeping me busy.. I mean very busy... But I get two weeks paid holiday starting the same time as the kids. I am ready for this already. LOL

Band news. I did gain 3 pounds back but have already lost those three plus one more extra pound. I had 2 ccs added back 2 weeks ago and am tight all over again.. I cannot believe how sensitive I am. It is kind of a pain in the butt. I hate the heartburn. I hate going to bed with a full pouch of food.. So off I go on wednesday for a bit of an unfill...

It is also my bandiversary on December 2. I know peeps do a great big thing on here on their year of what they have learned and such I may or may not do it. Will see how it goes from here. Right now I am yelling at my kids to get to a shower and so on.. Some days they are great and others well I just wont go there. That is the mood of the night here... I am ready for them to get to bed.. NOW>....

So all I hope you are all doing great. Keep on going and doing what we do..


  1. Love your Christmas decor on your blog! I have thyroid problems and one of the things I noticed before I was diagnosed was that I was always cold, plus my hair was falling out like crazy! :)

    Congrats on the almost one year anniversary! I think I need another fill the next time I go in during Dec. I have only had two and I'm getting a little bit crazy with portion size and sweets. I blame it on the holidays!

    Way to go on getting most of the Christmas shopping out of the way!!!

  2. Just do you one year post if you feel like it...otherwise...don't sweat it. You gotta blog when you are in the mood and feeling it ya know? Good for you for almost being done with Christmas shopping! That is such a relief!

  3. Will wait for your text...
    Happy Pre Anniversary BAbY!