Small Goal

My accomplishments with the mean old scale....

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I am going to gain weight.

I went in on wednesday and had some fluid taken out. I believe I am at 1 cc now. I can eat everything and have no pain at all. I am going to try go in March 23 for a fill and slowly start to make my way back up.. I am sooo happy to not have any pain or issues but I know the scale is not going to love me for this. So this week I am going to focus on eating healthy.. I want to give my tummy a break from stressing it out so i figure a month should work for that.

Hope everyone is doing well. We are getting a nice dump of snow tonight..


  1. I think you will not gain weight because you have modified your behavior...I think the modifications will stay with you, regardless of the band.

  2. Boo to that title!! The band as only been a tool....your loss has been because of your smart decisions and detication to making better choices for you. You've got this! :)

  3. You most defintely can do this baby! Stay strong!