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Saturday, March 5, 2011

breast reduction

SO I got a phone call on friday I go in on March 14 for my breast reduction. So freaking crazy. I am feeling pretty freaked out with all of this. LOL. I will be going from a g/h to a small d big c.. That is going to be crazy. I have already scoped out cute bras from some shops and it is so cool because I already fit their ounch and I may end of with the cute matching bras... That will be a first for me. So just a short update on that.

Also I have only gained about 1-2 lbs since my unfill. I think that is mostly water weight. So pretty proud of that. Especially since I can eat everything and I really mean everything... LOL.. I have a plan though so I will see how that pans out.

I have also decided that if I can lose another 30 lbs I will reward myself with a tommie tuck to get rid of all this skin.. Can I do it. LOL..

Hope all is well with everyone. I am seriously swamped with hockey coming to an end, figure skating and guides all coming to an end. Can you say beat.

Good news though my two boys get to skate with the Vancouver Canucks on April 7, 2011. So exciting..

Oh yeah I forgot to say that I changed my hair color to red, disliked it as I stood out to much. It was just something that as a teenager I always wanted to and was to scared. So I did it and did not like it. LOL. SO I am now a dark brown with red highlights. I love it... I will try to get pictures and post for next post.

Heading to bed. TTYAL


  1. Gosh, that's pretty soon! Really pleased for you, only gaining 1-2 pounds is amazing!

  2. Great on the breast reduction. Best thing I ever did for myself! (And the TT)! Good luck!

  3. You will love your new boobs. I did. Some advice: I wore a sleeveless undershirt for the first few weeks and then a sportsbra as a regular bra rubbed on my stitches. I had to sleep on my back for the first month too (I'm a side sleeper). Not a lot of pain. I did go back to school only 5 days later once I got off my pain meds (didn't need them much). My one boob was numb for months but best decision I ever made to have a breast reduction. At 57 I can say I have perky boobs unlike the melons that hung to my waist before. They took out 1 kg between the two taking me to a size C. Good luck!

  4. Very exciting, I hope you have a quick recovery!

  5. I'm jelous - You must share everything!!

  6. I had a reduction in 2003.

    Here are some of my experiences.

    ~I had the keyhole method done, my surgeon removed a total of about 2 pounds of skin & tissue. I also had liposuction under each arm.

    ~I went from 44 ?? to 38 DD.

    ~ I had some pain but was mostly just very uncomfortable for a good week after.

    ~It can take several months for all of the swelling to subside wait until then to buy the cutesie bras. I wore front closure sports type Dr issued bras up until then.

    ~I was off work for 4 weeks, then did half days for 2 weeks before I went back full time.

    It was totally worth it!! Now that I'm 60 lbs lighter than when I had them done I'm in a 36 C but they still look nice. :)

    Best of luck to you!

  7. I'm hoping someday to have a breast augmentation. Haven't lost enough to consider tummy tuck, but sure I'll need that too.

    Good luck on your surgery. I've heard so many good things from people who have had a breast reduction. I know you'll be so happy with it.

  8. Good to hear sister... Love u and can't wait to see your new boobs... Jealous for sure I am... Jess

  9. Good luck with your surgery! You must be so excited!! Keep us updated! The ice skating with the Canucks sounds amazing! The kids must be so excited!!

  10. Oh that is so cool to hear! I am excited for you!
    I cant wait to see pics!

  11. Congratulations. I am a male who support women who want to reduce they overlarge breasts. I am very happy because a woman who are happy with her body is very great. I like busty girls and women but only if they are fine whith the breast and can feel god about her self.

  12. Good thing there are now procedures, which are proven to be safe in removing those unwanted fats.

  13. Hi there, Michelle! That’s the first thing I would have done as well – buy cute bras that fit. =) But from what I know, you would be asked by your doctor to wear a special type of bra, which has materials that won’t be harmful to your breasts, after the surgery. Did you have follow-up check-ups with your surgeon after the surgery?

    Terry Bayer

  14. I felt the excitement and tension while reading your blog post. It was mixed emotions, I know. You want to go with it, but you can't help but think about what you'll go through. So how was it? I hope that the procedure went successfully and that you're happy with the result.